Selecting the right healthcare mattress

Selecting healthcare mattresses is a case of balancing patient needs, practical parameters (like size and technical specification) and budget. The type of healthcare facility will also come into play – hospitals, clinics, psychiatric facilities and medical suppliers will have different requirements.

While traditional mattresses for home use are not designed to accommodate users who spend more time in bed than out of bed, hospital mattresses are created to be more durable and to offer support for medical needs.

High-density foam mattresses have several benefits for healthcare applications. These include their shock-absorbing qualities. This is important for reducing the back pain that patients who spend a lot of time in bed can sometimes experience. Mattresses are available with different layers and densities to help to ensure pressure is redistributed as required to help prevent pressure ulcers or sores. Layered foam mattresses have a soft top layer and a firm bottom layer to provide the necessary back support.

Healthcare bed mattresses also need to be water-resistant or waterproof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean to ensure they meet medical-grade sanitation standards.

Vitafoam produces a wide range of healthcare foam mattresses to various technical specifications in partnership with healthcare product providers. Types of healthcare mattresses we produce include:


These mattresses are used for general care applications and in general hospital settings. They are often constructed with a solid, medium- to high-density foam core. They should be covered with a waterproof permanent or removable cover to ensure longevity and hygiene.

Budget health care mattresses

These mattresses are created for facilities with budgetary constraints who still want to ensure patients are comfortable and well cared for, such as clinics, old-age homes and hospices. They may be constructed with a solid, medium- to high-density foam core and covered with a nylon or PVC water-resistant permanent or removable cover.


High-care hospital mattresses are used in high-care hospital settings and need to meet stringent sanitation standards. These are constructed with a solid, medium- to high-density foam core, and covered with a PU-coated, single stretch waterproof (but vapour permeable) permanent or removable cover.


These mattresses are used for intensive care hospital applications and are created to the highest medical standards. They are constructed with ultra-high-density flame retardant foam core covered with a PU-coated, multi-stretch waterproof (but vapour permeable) removable cover. The core is profiled with gridded castellations (rows of grooves) for optimum pressure relief.

All Vitafoam products are produced to order and delivered in bulk from our branches in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Custom made mattresses for bulk orders (>250 units per order) can also be produced.

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